Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Sorry I haven't been updating frequently lately but I just started working a 3rd shift job so things have been hectic. I work until seven in the morning and then spend a little time with the wee fetus' and head of to bed until around four in the pm. After that it is basically cleaning, taking care of the children and making dinner. I might have about half an hour in there to do my own thing for five minutes. I will try updating as often as possible but just this short amount of time I have had to fight with the children for the time and jump up a few times to save a stack of DVD+Rs from the grips of my savage one year old all the while being jostled around on my bed from my three year old jumping and dancing on my bed(which she took upon herself to strip of comforter, pillows, down pillow-top and sheets) to Johnny Cash singing about Hank Williams coming to town...Can you say circus?

Okay, well I will try and update with some free samples at least every weekend, hopefully more frequently. Also I got some more of my samples in the mail I'll let you know what they are and if they were worth it.

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