Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Ban Vs. Dove

I recently got two deodorant samples in the mail. 1 Ban Invisible Solid in the Sweet Surrender scent and 1 Dove Ultimate Clear in the energizing grapefruit and lemongrass scent. Both smell invigorating and delightful.

The real test for a deodorant for me though is how long it lasts. For this test I kept all other factors besides the deodorant the same and before each trial I showered.

The first day I tried the Ban, mostly because it was the closer one to my location at the time of drying off after the shower. I have to say I love both scents equally, they are very refreshing. After I put the Ban on I went through my day like normal and by about 6-8pm I could tell it was wearing off slightly. I could smell B.O. under the scent of the deodorant. It wasn't bad but noticeable, all in all Ban had a good run.

The next morning after I showered I put on the Dove deodorant. Again pleasant smell, and again I went about my normal day. However the Dove was still going strong at 2am before I went to fact it is still going strong right now, I haven't yet had a chance to shower today so I would say hands down, if I can give a long lost friend a hug after not having time to take a shower for a day and I still smell awesome then Dove is the winner!

Anyway, it is not like I am a huge sweater, but I would say I fall in the normal perspiration range. So if you need something long lasting Dove would be the way to go, ban I guess would be good for people who don't perspire much or who's sweat was fairly low on the odor-meter. Even though I don't sweat a lot, my sweat ranks high on the odor-meter so it's awesome to know Dove can work wonders for me.

While we are on the subject, I also got some Fresh Mint Sensodyne in the mail and I LOVE it after the first use I could tell a difference in the sensitivity level of my teeth. My teeth have never been very sensitive but lately they are crazy sensitive. Probably a sign that I should go get a dental check up but right now I have no insurance and can't afford it. What I can afford though is a nice big tube of Sensodyne! lol =P

Well on the today's freebie list;

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I will probably have some more later tonight.

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