Sunday, July 6, 2008

Birth Control Methods

I was recently having a debate with one of my friends about Withdrawal Vs. Condoms and my position was that they were both about equally effective forms of birth control. My friend however, argued that condoms must be more effective because when withdrawing you still have the factor of precum. Well here is achart from the FDA that proves me right.

I just don't understand why people would even use condoms, unless they were sporting spermicide, because if not then they are only 1-5% more effective as just withdrawing.

Most of the barrier methods aren't reliable anyway, if you want any real preventative measure it would be sterilization, hormonal or Intrauterine Devices. If you are only using barrier and natural methods don't be surprised if they fail.

We use condoms and have tried many different styles and brands and to be truthful I can't tell any difference between them. We have been using them since we got together four years ago and we have 2 beautiful little girls to show for it. (I'm hoping for a boy next)You think we would learn, I plan on getting steralized after the third, for some reason they won't let you do it unless you have three children by the same father or you have to be 26. I am only 23, if I make it to 26 without getting pregnant again that would probably be a miracle.

I want a third sometime but hopefully not until we are situated, because of my grandmother we sold our house to buy hers and then she backed out last minute. So now we don't really have a stable place to stay yet.

Josh has a pending apprenticeship as well so hopefully he gets that.

Anyway I wanted to share the information on the birth control, I thought it was pretty interesting.

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