Monday, March 30, 2009

Have a Green Easter!

Hey, I actually found some pretty interesting ideas for green Easter ideas. My favorite was making a grass basket instead of buying fake grass. I am not sure I have enough time though to do this now because I only have 13 days left. Sounds awesome and easy.

Another good idea is using natural dying agents for the eggs, like beat and carrot juice among other things. I think I am going to try that this year and see how it turns out.

Like I said, I am making home made chocolates this year and I am still looking for some other neat ideas. I was thinking of letting the girls make their own Easter baskets with cereal boxes and tape and maybe toilet paper rolls ribbon and paints or construction papers. Many possibilities there and I think they would have fun with it.

In fact the whole grass basket had me thinking of the possibilities of making a mint/dark chocolate themed Easter basket, that would be pretty neat to have real mint leaves among yummy dark chocolate. Anyway, I am gonna get back to brain storming.

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