Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Easter is on its way!

So after a major panic attack because I realized that after paying rent this month and paying people back the money we owe them, we wouldn't have money for Easter!!! This kind of put a dent in our Easter plans, I wouldn't even have the money for chocolate to make their candy! Thankfully my sister knew our situation and told me to just pay her back next week. So I was able to go and get Easter stuff, I think I did pretty well and I even fell below my budget by $8. I found that when you are buying for two little girls that most of the candy will be on the floor the next day anyway so I went light with the candy and just got enough for the two of them. I got gum balls, candy necklaces, chocolate covered marshmallow eggs, and mars assortment. So I got the chocolate wafers as well to make the candy for them. As I was shopping I walked by and saw some pretzel sticks and thought of a great idea of dipping them in chocolate and either Easter themed sprinkles(which I don't have) or Easter colored chocolate(which I do have). So I am satisfied that we got them enough, it was a close call though! Anyway, Eden will just have to live without her Tinker Belle costume for a little longer. If I can think of any other cool Easter ideas I will let you know.

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