Thursday, March 26, 2009

With Easter coming up I was just reminiscing about Easters' past and wanted to go smaller this year than we usually do. We usually get them everything under the sun. Easter is like a second Christmas to them. Christmas is when they get all their indoor toys and heavy clothes and stuff and Easter is when they get their outside toys and spring/summer clothes. I think we go overboard though and I don't want them to get used to getting a lot, I don't want them to take things for granted. This year I bought candy molds and am making their Easter candy myself. I can't wait! I also got them some plants to grow that were in ceramic egg cups. You have to break the top of the 'egg' and just water it and let it grow. I found these at Lowe's for nearly $3/ea. with a variety of different flowers to choose from. We usually don't get things for them until the last minute because I am so bad at waiting to give them stuff, I love how excited and happy they get. We are getting our 3 year old, Eden, a Tinker Belle costume, which she has been begging for, for about a month now. I am not sure yet what I am getting for our other daughter Ellie, who is almost 2 now.

Gotta run, I am gonna try to find some Easter freebies around for you, if not some good green ideas for Easter.

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